Debbi (F)


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Meet your new little bestie named Debbi. She is a charming Blue colored AKC Registered French Bulldog. If you don't know much about this breed but are wanting to add one to your family, reach out to us and we can answer any questions you may have regarding their temperament, adult weight, coloring and we can tell you all about their parents as well. Little Miss Debbi will bring such joy and happiness to your life with her outgoing and spirited personality. She loves to spend her days tussling with her four siblings, finding toys to chew on and of course making sure she gets enough to eat. There is never a dull moment between these puppies. At a young age we start holding our little puppies so that they learn that humans are here to be their best friends. Each one of our puppies will join their new family microchipped, up to date on all shots and vaccines, as well as dewormer. They are always seen by our vet before they leave our premises. Our little Debbi has been started on house training. This is something we do with all the puppies so that when they go to their new home they will know how to be respectful in a home. The dad to this beautiful baby is a Blue and Fawn French Bulldog named Cowboy. The momma is a Black and Brindle French Bulldog named Princess. Both parents live at our place and loved by everyone. Feel free to call us or stop in to meet the puppies and play with them. Thanks -The Miller Family 330-852-9108